It was a joyous occasion indeed, after all we were celebrating the birthday of a ten year old. Balloons, streamers and pastries were in abundance. But who was the birthday boy/girl you may wonder. Well, this was a birthday of a different kind where every guest who was involved in nurturing this ten year old had a reason to smile and dance with joy. Before your mind goes on an overdrive, I am talking about Layam Group celebrating ten years of excellence in recruitment and trainingIt was on April 6 in the year 2007 that Layam took its baby steps in the Indian recruitment and staffing industry. 

A company that I started in a modest way a decade ago stands tall today thanks to the hard work put in by every co-worker of mine. The year on year growth has been remarkable and so is my career graph, which I can term it as 3Cs – Coal(Dhanbad), Cars(Hyundai) and Consultancy(Layam). To take you quickly through my past, present and give you a tiny little glimpse of the future, I have attempted to voice my thoughts through this blog. read on to find out….

The Age of Aggression  –  If I walk down memory lane specifically to the dust laden coal mines of Dhanbad the time when I started my career, I could see myself as an aggressive young man who wanted to scale the career ladder by doing what my employer wanted me to do. I can term my past as the age of aggression. The anger or aggression in me was largely of the positive kind. There was a lot of energy and not to mention abundance of will power that held me in good stead both at workplace and home. Be it in Coal mines or dealing with a tough situation in a car manufacturing company, these pearls of wisdom always resurrected me – The will to do springs from the knowledge that we CAN do. Doubt and fear are the great enemies of knowledge, and he who encourages them, who does not slay them, thwarts himself at every step.” 

An Era of Compassion – My journey from aggression(past) to compassion(now) has been remarkable to say the least. If working in ‘coal’ mines taught me to emerge spotless(honest) amidst  dirt(goons) then consultancy gave wings to my passion and helped me achieve contentment. The passion and the undying urge to do something on my own was at its peak in 2007 when I moved out of Hyundai. After 10 Layam’erakable years, the passion has slowly metamorphized into compassion which is slowly pushing me towards spirituality. I feel blessed to say that I am a contented man who had the opportunity to see his dreams take shape and turn into reality! Complete contentment is something which I believe negligible people achieve in today’s times and that too both in professional and personal life. This contentment is actually helping me to ‘let go’. Yes! I seem to have been bitten by a ‘let go’ syndrome which mind you I am enjoying as it can help me move from the position of power to a mentor state. Sothat brings me back to the question of what does the future hold for me?

Making Dreams Come True  My main aim in future is to give back to society and I have realized that it is through the shift in priorities that will help me to make dreams of other people a reality. Here, I must confide that this journey has already begun in a subdued way at Layam office itself. In the recent past, we have successfully placed over 4000 candidates in manufacturing and automobile companies across India through  Layam Manning Operating Model Training Scheme(LMOM).  What else can a HR company do besides help candidates get a job? You may wonder. Well, the uniqueness of this training scheme lies in the fact that all the candidates who have carved a niche for themselves today were once college drop outs or diploma holders with poor academic record. Considered as ‘failures and unsuitable to work’ in an MNC, these candidates, despite having the requisite skill sets, ended up doing menial jobs in small shops and firms. Layam is probably the only company in India to have handpicked such candidates, recognized their inherent skill sets and created a successful career path for them. 
My journey of giving back to the society has thus begun but there are many roads which remain less travelled and explored and that is where I want to be…. deriving happiness by helping others achieve their dream!

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