Our Values


We shape careers, help others realize their dreams. For us, empowerment is a way of life.


Adding value to the lives of people and helping them move beyond their expectations.


Our willingness to transform and perseverance to move ahead with times has helped us in delivering quality output and increase productivity.

Work With Us

Your Career

At Layam Group, your career path is paved with clearly defined markers and progression points, as well as the coaching and the tools you need to follow it successfully. We understand where you might be coming from and what your priorities are.

We are a professional service firm, specialized into business consultancy & Contract Manufacturing. As with other highly regarded professional services firms, we pride ourselves in providing measurable, actionable and structured growth opportunities for our associates.

The industry’s most accomplished recruiters lead from the details and rigors of our in-house training to the ongoing elbow coaching and situational instruction. You are equipped to respond to any situations appropriately.

Layam Group understands that both your growth and your success are critically linked to ours. We invest our time, training and talent necessary to ensure that our associates are prepared to compete and win. We certainly create and joyfully celebrate this mutual win-win phenomenon.

How will you succeed

In simple terms, we are the best of both worlds.

A decade ago, when Layam Group first opened its doors with one office and one clear mission – to drive business results by matching qualified candidates to the leading companies where those professionals would thrive.

Layamites (Layam employees) worked side by side to build a company that proudly served its clients and candidates. We grow day by day. Over the years we have been spreading across states opening branch offices, expanding our practice groups, hiring new associates, instituting corporate methodologies, adopting evolving technologies, and developing industry-leading training and support structures.

But through it all, our mission has never changed. We continue to work side by side, motivating each other, supporting each other, and rewarding each other. We command the strength and the knowledge of the industry’s most accomplished recruiting experts.

When you join Layam Group, you join a family of professionals committed to success – ours, theirs, and yours.


There’s more to life than WORK!

Layam Group makes it a reality.

Our lives inside the office are productive, effective, and motivated, simultaneously our lives outside the office are respected, protected and encouraged. From informal lunches to parking deck parties and from afternoons at the ballpark to team volunteer projects, we nurture and maintain a culture that promotes both successful work and enjoyable play.

The key factor in our success is OUR CULTURE!

Our ways of life define what we are. 

We’re the antidote to business in the industry, and we passionately believe that a job needn’t be drudgery to be fulfilling and financially successful.

We also understand that candor, in the context of executive recruiting consulting, will ultimately yield superior long-term results. Many of us have actually turned down a client contract or discouraged a candidate from accepting a less-than-ideal placement. We have been compelled to act in their best interests. Sometimes we lose a fee. But, more often, we strengthen a long-term relationship.

We defined ourselves to be collegial, collaborative and committed professionals doing the right thing for each of our clients and candidates. We are passionate about high performance. And we have always an eye out for new colleagues who share our vision of company and personal success. We are where you need to be.

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