“If you're not reaching back to help anyone then you're not building a legacy.” With this philosophy and ethos we felt prudent to have a special purpose platform where we can give opportunity to those who desire to create a success story…

Layam Talent Academy foundation was created with the above belief and value where we could be instrumental in enriching lives by giving them support through training and later a sustainable growth career for him and his eco system. 

“With the Philosophy of ‘Hire, Train and Deploy’ and the vision to give back to the society, Layam talent Academy Foundation was setup. Layam Talent Academy Foundation is a section 8 company and has been identified and registered as an authorized training partner by AICTE for their NAPS programs.

Layam provides opportunity to aspirants to unleash their potential in organizations by imparting essential skills and knowledge through training and making them employable to become an asset to organization and society at large.”

Case Studies

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