Job Contract/ Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Layam is associated with a bus and coach manufacturing company in the Contract manufacturing model deploying more than 100 employees in their plant in Dharwad. The Layam team handles the production of the LCV, MCV & Y1 buses as per requirement in the Jig & Coupling area producing. Layam ensures 100% delivery despite fluctuation in volume and model mix​

Job Contract Model

Layam has been working with an Indian Automobile company in the Job Contract Model where in Layam handles the Quality Inspection of Chassis and VTS line, working on achieving a DPV of 0.2 at Firewall & 0 MIS. Layam has deployed 300+ employees for this project in their Hosur and Ennore plant. The Layam team has been recognized for the support in achieving the Deming Award​

Contract Manufacturing in Shipping

The Layam Team started its Contract Manufacturing operations in the Kattupalli Shipyard in Ennore. By providing a manpower count of over 40+ associates(skilled and semiskilled labor), Layam has created a benchmark in providing suitable manpower for the requirements – Hull experts, Naval Architects, Engineers, Markers, Fitters, cutters, welders, Grinders , Riggers and Helpers. Our employees deployed are responsible for the construction of the ship hull

Job Contract in Logistics

After establishing its credibility in the production activities of one of its clients (Bus & Coach Manufacturer), Layam was offered to take over the Stores & Logistics department under the Job Contract Model in 2020. Layam has 76 associates deployed in the stores department of Chassis, Paint Shop, FRP, Paneling, Trims, Main Store, Growth line, IDM, PI Improvements. The Layam team ensures proper & timely maintenance of materials and seamless feeding to its internal customer to meet production demands

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