During my professional tenure, I have always enjoyed the increment period by observing the amusing behaviour pattern of employees. Suddenly, everything changes. It’s rather nice to see that all are falling within the norms of the organization. I used to always wonder, ‘Is money such an influential factor that it controls the emotions, attitude as well as behaviour of an individual’?. I don’t know, may be yes but why? Why can’t we be consistent, again this is a debatable point 

Increment is that time of the year when I notice ‘change’ or a transformation in few of my colleagues. In terms of discipline, attention to detail, meeting deadlines, obeying superiors, basically, every aspect that goes into making a conducive and productive work environment is adhered to by this sect of people preceding increment time. A senior executive in my office noticed this change and asked me, “Sir, did someone wave a magic wand on them?”. Of course not, it’s increment spellyou silly, was my retort. This attitudinal drift that afflicts some people is a common trend that has withstood the sands of time! remember noticing a similar behaviour pattern in my previous workplaces too way back in the 80s and 90s.  

My friends who work in various industries and corporate set up across the globe often speak about this infuriating trendThe fact of the matter is when increment time is around the corner, employee’s behaviour changes for the better…. in every aspect. They agree to take on as much work load as possible without a whimper and may also go to the extent of taking on some tasks of their immediate superiors too! Such camaraderie and team spirit can leave your HR team speechless or rather job less. How I wish such positive actions continues at all times. But here, I must admit that there are several individuals in my office who work in a steadfast manner throughout the year irrespective of the “I”(read increment) time. Such people are the ones, I believe, who work with a sense of ownership. They consider ‘Layam’ as their own company and put their heart and soul in giving their best. So, their mindset is that of an owner rather than an employee. Their motto is simple- This is our company and we need to work hard to achieve more”– their effort and enthusiasm personifies this statement. 

Empowering people by inculcating a sense of ownership towards their career as well as the job would help them to achieve the desired results, whether increment or otherwise. Layam is fortunate to achieve this.   

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