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Registered Office:

13/1, 5th Cross Street, Indra Nagar, Adyar, Chennai - 600020, India.

Phone Number:
044 - 2445 2506, 044 - 2445 6449
044 - 4063 9999, 044 - 2441 4599


Residential Representative :
Mr. Ramanand G P

Mobile No: 73057 70999


Residential Representative :
Mr. Mahesh Kulkarni

Mobile No: 91500 17726


Residential Representative :
Mr. Anil Kumar Swarnakar

Mobile No: 97600 02969

Layam Management Solutions
Private Limited

CIN: U74140TN2007PTC062331

Layam Talent Academy Foundation

CIN: U74999TN2017NPL119050

Radram Quality Services
Private Limited

CIN: U74900TN2012PTC085338

Layam Flexi Solutions Private Limited

CIN: U74999TN2009PTC072554

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    Layam – An Extended Arm for Customer Satisfaction

    Layam has established its credibility as ‘Company within a Company Concept’. M/s.Layam strongly believes that resources provided has to be an Asset than a Liability to the Client. The focus is on the Philosophy of achieving Cost, Quality & Productivity with deploying the Brain Count.

    Layam’s priority is to provide the client with cost effective solutions and focus on providing quality and reliable services. The client care process is implemented by constant connect and feedback to the client.

    For smooth implementation and coordination M/s.Layam has introduced the following process:

    • 24 x 7 helpline service
    • This helpline service has given freedom to each employee of Layam, to raise any issues or grievances, which is attended within 48 hours. The success rate of the above has been beyond 90%.

    We have an escalation matrix in place wherein complaints that are not attended to within 48 hours will be sent to the higher level in charge. Further delay in resolution of issues will be intervened by the General Manager, HR.

    Our steadfast aim is to resolve issues in minimal time thereby improving the efficiency of our services.

    Our Helpline number: +91 9940085046
    Or Email :
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