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Retained Search

Delivering competitive advantage in a retained search firm

Business intelligence is a critical component of successful retained searches. To ensure that the candidate you hire will ultimately drive business success for your company, our retained search experts invest up front in comprehensive research. We assess both the position and the corporate strategy.

We are their retainer and work exclusively on a client centric basis by becoming a part of the organization. For a period of one year, we are engaged in all aspects of the hiring process. We invest our time and resources in understanding the client’s organization, roadmap & strategy and work closely with the hiring team on a continuous basis to fulfil all their yearly requirements.

“We attentively listen. We comprehensively analyze. And then we deliver wholeheartedly.”We understand that making a comparison between two businesses or two positions is akin to following a one-size-fits-all norm. We believe in talent exclusivity. We provide experienced, consultative assistance at every step of the way. To provide the best talent, we not only assess position and corporate strategy of our clients but go a step further by evaluating their strategic, financial, political, cultural and operational aspects too. This approach may be a little time consuming but nevertheless productive to our client as the candidate we select will invariably be the best one to suit their need, timeframe and organizational goals.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Layam's RPO is a flexible, scalable and highly effective solution to the absolutely critical results of a specific portion of the recruiting process or a specific department within the organization. Our RPO service can simplify your recruiting process; find the right candidate who is more than a combination of qualification and experience. We focus on personality and skills in addition to assessing their interest level. We provide a candidate who can seamlessly blend into the work environment and company culture thereby making this service a consistent and reliable solution.

With new businesses or new processes in place, clients may require help in their hiring needs. Our recruiters work in the client’s organization by coordinating and managing the entire hiring process in an effectual way. Our RPO services are both flexible and scalable in terms of hiring skilled personnel for a team or on boarding an entire team. We embrace changes and provide quick solutions to your urgent hiring needs.

Exclusive Search Process

We believe in maintaining candidate exclusivity. Candidates are not "shopped around" or presented to other clients. Our exclusivity lies in the micro level of detailing we carry out as far as the candidates or organizations are concerned. Our exclusive search process is innovative, moves at a rapid pace and makes clever use of AI, Machine Learning and other software to source the perfect hire.

The needs of clients differ and so does our hiring solutions. For instance, a company may want to fill a confidential position in a highly susceptible market. A selected team of experienced professionals reporting to our chairman work discreetly on this position and identify key talent who fit the bill. For the agreed upon time frame, we are totally committed to filling only your position. This concerted effort gives fast results. Within a minimum span of 30 days, we provide 3-5 qualified professionals for interviews.

We are able to connect with the best candidate through a battery of tests that is designed to gauge their capabilities on various parameters. These tests effectively assess the potential candidate’s Leadership, Decision Making, Strategic and other specific skill sets that are required for important job roles. We use certified psychometric tests that are of international standards.

We generally request thirty days in order to provide our best service however our goal is to fill your position as quickly as possible.

Engineering Search

Layam has specialized in onboarding the right fit in Engineering services for the Clients. This is also supported by our Data Bank, which has been built through Head Hunting and other allied hiring strategy methods.

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