Staffing Services

Company In Company (CIC) Model

The CIC model was created by our chairman Mr.G.S. Ramesh. His rich experience of over 40 years in the manufacturing industry made him realize that manufacturing companies can usher in profits only if they create quality products, improve performance and reduce the cost on a long term basis. Typically, companies engage low cost manpower to escalate production but fail to realize that hidden costs eat up the rework and the scraps.

We did a detailed study on maintaining the cost aspect and figured out methods to provide the right resource who can focus on quality and reduce the scrap. The study results uncovered some astonishing facts. For instance, we found that every year 4 lakh students are unable to get their diploma certificate due to arrears. Such students have sound technical skills and the ability to appreciate and understand the manufacturing process, but due to their educational qualification they do not get the opportunity to work in any of the leading organizations. They often end up doing menial jobs unrelated to their field. We chalked out a plan to connect these people with the Industry without flouting any employment norms.

We do a study of the organization and based on the matrix and work aspect, we define the hiring matrix. Then, we handpick such people, train them and place them in reputed companies so that they can prove their mettle. Based on their performance, clients may absorb them at a later stage. This has proven to be a win-win situation for both the client and the associate (hired candidate). Client gets a resource who is certified and well trained at Layam and his dedicated performance can help the company grow. Likewise such a job opening can prove to be a pathway to career success for the associate.

Professional Engagement Services (PES)

PES is a simple relationship wherein Layam becomes the client’s management and benefits administration partner by delivering a broad range of HR services.

The PES model engages experienced people on contract basis for a particular assignment and at no point of time the person can join the company on a full time role. The advantage for the client is that he gets the associates with relevant exposure and experience for the assignment, and their administrative cost is minimal compared to the permanent employees on board. Our clients retain the day-to-day control over how to manage the associates while we will handle the HR management and benefits administration including managing certain critical HR service responsibilities such as

  • Payroll, benefits and workers compensation
  • Shouldering many common employer risks
  • Assistance with your business strategy

PES model is designed to suit the varying needs of our clients. There is no desired size of the organization for the PES model to work. It can be tailor made to achieve your organizational goals.

Engineering Services

As a Philosophy to provide Brain Count resources, Layam has established its credibility by setting up Development Centre for various clients. This support is by way of providing Specialized Technical Competent Resources on Outsourcing model, such as Autocad, Catia, Solidworks and other related skill sets required for Industrial Sector.

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