Power Skills

Power skills are generally soft skills which includes problem solving, decision making, collaboration and communication, judging, self-management, and value clarification. These are specifically called power skills because any working professional need them in a daily basis to be effective and stay competitive in this competitive world.

Placement Training

Placement training focuses on shaping the carrier goals of the students and ensure cent percent employment. This type of training is necessary for students from all streams to groom their employability skills and achieve good placement in various industries spread across. Developing the holistic personality of individuals is most important because at the end of the day attitude plays a dominant role for students to get placed at a good concern.

Career Guidance

Career guidance program assist people to identify their own needs and make a better decision in their life. It guides them at the situation when individuals are at the state of dilemma and make a choice at important point of their career. This program helps in choosing right career, realization and consequences of making a wrong career decision, focused career route.

Career Coaching

Career coaching imparts thought-provoking and creative process that motivates you in maximizing personal and professional potential. It aids to discover, clarify and align with what you want to achieve. All the above encourages discovery, offer solutions and strategies. For a successful career, a good career coaching is essential to gain career satisfaction

Mobile App Learning

Mobile app learning educates students via internet or network using personal devices such as tablets and smartphones to obtain learning materials through the installed app. It offers training content at time of need, at any place and platform. The students are now very comfortable in using mobile apps because of its flexibility since they can complete upload assignment online to the coach or teachers. Due to its user convenience trainees can download course instructions and work in online social groups to complete the task assignment.

OBT’S/Educational Tours

Outbound training and educational tours are adventurous in nature and it is also called experiential learning. It is learning through experience and conducted at place away from the actual work environment. This type of training aims at improving the interpersonal, communication and leadership skills of the employees. It helps in improving teamwork abilities, resolving intergroup conflicts, facilitates partnerships and alliances.

Aptitude Training

Candidates who aspire to hone their aptitude skills for campus recruitments can take this training. This type of trainings is basically for getting campus placements. This training helps students to face the quantitative aptitude and reasoning test round during interviews. This round of test is the phase of rejection and candidates must be well groomed in cracking this test conducted by companies.

E Learning

E learning is basically delivered online via internet, ranging from distance education to computerized electronic learning, online learning, internet learning and many others. E learning is utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum whenever and wherever needed outside of a traditional classroom. It facilitates 24/7 learning which is cost effective. This can be installed at the organization to keep employees up to date on company policies or help your customers understand your product better.

FDP For Faculty

Faculty Development Programs build professionalism among all the staffs who work directly with the students in educational institutions. This program helps in understanding student psychology and enhance effectiveness in teaching. Aim of this program is to increase knowledge and skills of the faculty so that they can share this knowledge with the students by improving their teaching experience.

Finishing School Counselling

Students after their high school need some career guidance on pursuing their higher studies. This type of program provides information for students on availability of vast opportunities and helping them to take a better decision on their career. This kind of counselling will be a eye opener for young minds who step out of their school life.Layam Group has been a pioneer in the field of imparting these skills to the corporate world by understanding the needs of it’s clients and adopting to the emerging modes of learning through Gamification, Blended learning and Mobile interface. Layam’s team of professionals have established their credibility on intellectual pursuit by understanding clients’ pain arears as well as issues of concern and providing them solutions with focus on ROI.

Certificate Courses

Certificate courses are like associate programs generally it can be completed within short period of time. These courses can be taken while pursuing your general degree which is better rounded in terms of topics. Taking up certification courses will help your resume to stand out and facilitates last minute career progression. The course can be taken on some of these following streams: Accounting, Corporate Financial Management, Human Resources, Organizational Development.
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