Service Models

Job Contract

Layam has established its credential by writing success story on its business model of Job Contract. Layam ensures its performance delivery by undertaking the entire operations activity as a Job Contract model for any client. The model has written its success story by delivering the desired result to the client with management of shop floor by providing customized expertise.

The Job Contract Model is a work/job specific staffing solution that manages all aspects and responsibilities of the specific work assigned. Our expert professionals work directly from your facility providing complete management of temporary workforce from order fulfillment to payroll processing.

Contract Manufacturing

In the present competitive environment, for any Industrial establishment, success can be maintained through ‘Low Cost, High Productivity’ coupled with a philosophy of ‘Do More with Less’. This is attainable through our Contract manufacturing model wherein we implement the concept of Brain count instead of Head count. The Contract Manufacturing Model is an agreement between Layam and the client with an intention to undertake the production activities and facilitate the delivery of products in a seamless manner.

We understand the specific needs and recognize the potential hurdles associated with the process. We provide guidance on optimizing process outcome with desired timelines. This model exemplifies the concept of company within company where Layam can become your trusted partner who do not merely promise but deliver.

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