Our Process
  • Layam has been recognized as the best-in-class company for providing quality and reliable service. Our process is the result of painstaking effort of committed individuals who believe in surpassing the expectations of our clients.
  • We strictly adhere to the below mentioned process to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • At Layam, we believe that sourcing is an art and it has a scientific approach to it. Hiring is a very generic term which can be misconstrued. The present environment is quite dynamic and complex in nature with every industry’s operational methodology being innovation and strategic initiatives. To fulfill this, they need to hire talent who understands and appreciates the organization’s long-term perspectives.
  • The hiring process also becomes complex due to the expected legacy model of the hiring client on the hiring candidate. The rigorous process involved in our hiring practice is all about understanding the exact requirement of the client and decoding the information on process by asking intelligent questions.
  • The process involves different stages. The first stage is called “Appreciative Enquiry”. In this stage, we focus on understanding the specific requirement of the organization, the environment in which the candidate is going to work and the type of behavioral model in a particular environment. Once the potential candidate is identified, we follow a rigorous process of selection wherein we try to understand the candidates interest in the organization and the level of competence he/she has developed through experience and learning. We also try to check and asses the attitude of the candidate whom we are proposing to the client.
Induction process
  • Short term induction process is done to sensitize the candidate towards the client’s work environment, quality safety and reliability aspects. In the induction process, we also make sure that the candidate is aware of the kind of environment he/she will be placed in. We study the work place and the position vacant and give the candidate a head’s up on what he can expect.
  • The supervisor who has been deployed to manage the complete process is responsible to monitor the turn out of the associate working at the client’s place. Proper turnout is ensured by providing ID cards and uniform as per client’s needs. This of course will come at an extra cost. The smart use of technology in the form of biometric systems ensures that attendance is monitored every day. This can be done as per client’s directive. We also have introduced an ESS Portal for employees to access wherein they can download their Pay slips and Apply for leave and view their leave details.
Statutory Complaint
  • Employees will be provided EPF, ESI and Group Accident Insurance/Medical Insurance. We also have a portal where all statutory documents will be accessible for respective clients. The clients will be given their own Login Credentials and can access statutory documents, when required.
Automated pay-roll with prompt payment
  • We have our own automated pay-roll for salary generation. It works on the principal of getting the attendance and calculating the man days worked. We get the attendance record in an electronic format from a batch reader installed in the client’s place. After getting the information, it is processed in our payroll system which runs the calculation and arrives at the figure to be paid to the employee for a particular month. The process is automated and human involvement is minimal. For instance, the Payroll process of 7000 employees is managed by a team of specialized resources. The deployment of people happens at various levels of the organization like shop floor and different functions. We maintain the minimum wages based on the statutory norms of the government and provide salary on time. The deployment of salary is done electronically through NEFT or RTGS. We pay special attention to employee welfare and have deployed a dedicated team at sites & corporate office who attend to accident cases, grievances, PF/ ESI issue and provide support round the clock.
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