Case Studies

Job Contract in Logistics

After establishing its credibility in the production activities of one of its clients (Bus & Coach Manufacturer), Layam was offered to take over the Stores & Logistics department under the Job Contract Model in 2020. Layam has 76 associates deployed in the stores department of Chassis, Paint Shop, FRP, Paneling, Trims, Main Store, Growth line, IDM, PI Improvements. The Layam team ensures proper & timely maintenance of materials and seamless feeding to its internal customer to meet production demands

Contract Manufacturing in Shipping

The Layam Team started its Contract Manufacturing operations in the Kattupalli Shipyard in Ennore. By providing a manpower count of over 40+ associates(skilled and semiskilled labor), Layam has created a benchmark in providing suitable manpower for the requirements – Hull experts, Naval Architects, Engineers, Markers, Fitters, cutters, welders, Grinders , Riggers and Helpers. Our employees deployed are responsible for the construction of the ship hull

Tyre Manufacturing Company

Layam’s has been associated with one of the leading Tyre manufacturing company dates since 2015 where Layam has been supplying the right brain count for their three of their manufacturing plants. We are proud to be made the Single Contractor for them substituting 6 other contractors.

Layam team has been able to onboard 1000+ associates in Banbury, RM Stores, Engg Stores Quality, Purchase, HR & Accounts Departments maintaining an attendance of 95%​

Global Automotive Parts Suppliers

In a global automotive parts supplier’s Chennai Plant, Layam turned around the complete operations by improving the efficiency, productivity and reducing absenteeism rates. Impressed with our mode of operations, our client handed over their plants at Wagholi, Ranjagaon, Bhiwadi, Bhayla, Sanand and Bangalore where the same intervention was replicated.​

Currently, 1200+ Layam associates are stationed at their various plants. ​The Layam Team also won the Quality Award and were sent to Japan for training.​

Leading Global Port Group

Layam started its operations with a leading global port group in 2015. We have deployed more than 80 associates working as QC Crane Operators, RTG Crane Operators and as Technicians​.

Power Distribution Company

Layam’s association with a power distribution company dates back to 2011 providing 70+ associates including Finance, HR, Administration, Business Development Technicians, Store keepers, data entry operators in Delhi. In April 2018, Layam expanded its association handling their Project in Lucknow deploying 160+ Field Engineers and Project Engineers​.

Food Division Operations

Layam has started it’s operations in the Food division of an Indian Multinational conglomerate at their plant in Trichy. The project requires an employee strength of 1000 deployed in various departments. ​

Layam has mobilized candidates by contacting near by villages and conducting recruitment drives, thus giving opportunity to those in need. Layam has deployed women candidates in their Biscuit division.​

Job Contract Model

Layam has been working with an Indian Automobile company in the Job Contract Model where in Layam handles the Quality Inspection of Chassis and VTS line, working on achieving a DPV of 0.2 at Firewall & 0 MIS. Layam has deployed 300+ employees for this project in their Hosur and Ennore plant. The Layam team has been recognized for the support in achieving the Deming Award​

Contract Manufacturing

Layam is associated with a bus and coach manufacturing company in the Contract manufacturing model deploying more than 100 employees in their plant in Dharwad. The Layam team handles the production of the LCV, MCV & Y1 buses as per requirement in the Jig & Coupling area producing. Layam ensures 100% delivery despite fluctuation in volume and model mix​

RPO Model

An Indian Automobile company , one of the oldest clients of Layam’s, approached us with a bulk requirement of Sales & Service positions pan India in the RPO Model.

We are proud to say that Layam was able to place more than 80 candidates in the positions of Area Sales Managers, Territory Sales Manager and Zonal Manager with salary ranging from 6 lakhs to 35 lakhs in the North, Central, South, East and West regions within a period of 5 months.

Leading Service Based Companies

Layam tied up with one of the leading service-based companies in 2017 and was given a tough requirement of Lightning skilled developers in the Salesforce Development. The mentioned position was considered tough to crack as it was newly introduced and a rare skillset in the job market.

Layam team is proud to say that it was able to onboard 20+ Lightning Developers in South India. This study has proven our success record even with niche requirement.

Layam Talent Academy Foundation

Layam Talent Academy Foundation was approached by India’s top automobile manufacturing company for their large scale requirement of trained Dealer Sales Executives for their dealers in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Layam proposed the model of Hire, Train Deploy wherein Layam will source candidates based on the client’s requirement , train them in batches as per ASDC syllabus and deploy them in their allotted dealerships. ​The project was initiated in Chennai and batch size of 35 students was fixed. A specialized team was arranged for this project wherein a team lead, trainers, recruiters and coordinator was deployed.​ As the requirement of the candidates was tricky, mobilization was done with the means of sourcing from job portals, Ad placements, conducting Campus placements, job fairs, references etc.

With trial and error method, it was concluded that for the for mobilization of 35 students, a minimum of 200 students were to be contacted. Students were initially screened by layam, briefed about the Company and the project and were then made to take up an online test set up by the client which was conducted and evaluated by Layam. The selected candidates were then interviewed by the client for final selection and processing.​

Trainer for the particular batch was sourced by Layam and finalized after interview by the Client. After undergoing a booting program conduced by the Client, the trainer was onboarded by Layam to run the batch.​

Students were trained at the training facility provided by Layam where 35 seaters, computer system for the trainer, projectors, sound system and other facilities were made available. The program was designed such that students underwent classroom training for a period of one month where Students were trained mainly on Selling skills, Customer Handling, Basic Automotive Training , post which students were deployed in their respective dealers for On the Job training. After successful completion of the three month training, candidates were paid a stiped and given an offer letter. Administration and monitoring activities was done by Layam with the help of apps and daily reports was shared by the coordinator to the client. The client was updated with daily, weekly and monthly reports. Four successful batches were run in Chennai and the same project was replicated in Kerala where three batches were run.​

vision to make people employable

Layam Talent Academy Foundation set up with the vision to make people employable by providing free training is registered under the NEEM scheme to materialize this vision. Being one the 43 NEEM agents in India (as on December 2019) , Layam Group was approached by a Japanese conglomerate for the deployment of NEEM candidates in their musical instrument manufacturing plant in Kancheepuram district. ​

The project commenced in the month of October 2018 and Layam has placed up to 250 pursuing candidate wherein 80% of the strength are girl candidates. The mobilization of these candidates were done through colleges, Ad placements in print and social media, referrals , visit to rural areas for discussion with village panchayats etc. Our NEEM trainees are deployed in the operation areas of Assembly, Production, Paint Shop, Mold Shop in the manufacturing department.​ The operations are running smoothly and Layam has a supervisor stationed at the site to address employees’ and client concerns. The operations of attendance management, payroll processing and grievance handling are handled by the supervisor with support from the Layam corporate office. Layam also goes the extra mile to ensure the safety of its female employees. Layam’s continuous support was recognized and rewarded by the client.​

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