How do I apply for a vacancy?
  • Fill out the form and submit your resume. Our recruitment team will reach out to you for available openings
Does Layam charge candidates for their recruitment services?
  • Layam does not collect any fees from candidates for our recruitment services
What are the cities that Layam operates in?
  • We recruit candidates from all locations across India
Difference between Off-role or On-role?
  • On-Role: You will work for a company (say X) and will be on the payroll of the same company (X)
  • Off-Role: You will work for a company (say X) and will be on the payroll of a third party (Layam). You will be an employee of Layam but will be deployed and will work in the premises of company X and will entitled to the facilities extended by company X.
  • When Layam places you in a company (X) in Off-Role, you will be an employee of Layam and will fall under Layam’s payroll but will be working in premises of company (X)
Will candidates be shifted from Off-Role to On-Role?
  • Based on the performance, experience and credibility of the candidates, Clients have taken candidates onto their payrolls subject to suitability and requirement however we cannot commit. The rate of Layam candidates changing to On-Role positions is very high due to performance and suitability.
What will be the duration of the employment contract?
  • Based on the company that the candidates are deployed in, the candidates will be placed for a minimum of 6 months to three years.

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