Indian Conglomerate

Layam was approached by an Indian Multinational Conglomerate for the creation of a better environment for their customer service executives to help them realize that they are the brand ambassadors and the performance of the brand is directly proportional to their customer service skills. Layam took up the project and customized a training program to address the client’s exact needs. The customer service executives were trained on Knowledge, skills and attitude, key traits of a good customer service executive. Different modules were set out and the facilitation was done in the native language of the executives to ensure better understanding. The same training module was run pan India with cultural flavor

Layam provided a Learning and Development program called ‘Star Executives’ for an Indian based multinational company to ensure that their work force is future ready, to align them to the vision of the company and to develop interpersonal and communication skills​

A total of 110 people were interviewed to understand their profile, their strengths and weaknesses. The trainer in charge also took the extra initiative to personally visit the office premises to get a better picture of the working environment. Out of the said batch, 30 participants were chosen for the training program. The modules were tailored to the needs of the participants and the key modules were handed out to the participants.

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